With funding and support received recently from Limerick City and County Council we are now running a pilot programme – Housing First. Housing First, which is a relatively new approach to helping solve homelessness in Ireland, has been employed successfully overseas for many years. Housing First acknowledges that shelter and a space to call one’s own is key to the health of each and every one of us— particularly our clients who are experiencing long-term, chronic homelessness and its consequent effect on their overall well-being.

Previously the focus was on trying to resolve the issues that may have caused clients to be homeless in the first place; addiction, mental and physical health issues etc. while they stayed in temporary accommodation and expecting them to become able to take up full-time independent accommodation themselves at some date in the future. Housing First places a home as the first requirement before addressing any underlying issues.

Unfortunately, as with all the other housing support agencies in the country, we face the ongoing challenge of the chronic shortage of available, affordable accommodation. In respect of this challenge we would welcome contact with landlords who are interested in renting their properties to our clients who will receive substantial, ongoing support from the dedicated Housing First team during their tenancy.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the programme with regular press releases in the local newspapers and of course on our Facebook page. If you are interested in finding out more about Housing First or if you are interested in making a property available to our clients please call our Facility Worker at Mid West Simon on 061 608 980 or email reception@mwsimon.ie 


The Tenant Support service provides practical support for tenants of Mid West Simon – this includes

  • Helping people with money management and entitlements.
  • Linking people with appropriate services in their community. These might include educational, health or legal supports.
  • Providing someone to speak or act on your behalf, if needed.
  • We provide ongoing visiting support in your home to help people to look at any issues with their tenancies and take action to deal with them.


People in private rental accommodation and mortgage holders can also be offered supports regarding

  • Money management and entitlements.
  • Access/referral to appropriate services. These may include educational, financial, health or legal supports.
  • Providing someone to speak or act on your behalf, if needed.

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