The service will provide a 10 bed family support accommodation unit, 24/7/365. In order to ensure child protection and family wellbeing is safe guarded at all times within the service families accessing the accommodation will necessarily have low support needs.

The families will have access to kitchen facilities, on a roster basis and will be provided with their own secure food storage unit for both ambient and chilled foods. Commercial laundry units will be available on site; these will be operated on a pay as you use basis, similar to Tesco.

The families will have responsibility for maintaining the hygiene standards in their sleeping areas and also any areas they use. This will be overseen by the accommodation staff team that will work on site, on a full time basis. The premises will be staffed by security and support during out of hours and weekends.

Services that will be provided during normal working hours are as follows:

  • Access to a family support worker with regular engagement
  • Assessment of your current situation
  • Help with creating plans for housing, health and schooling
  • Emotional support
  • Referrals for housing, counseling, legal information, childcare, schools, health, women’s networks, men’s counseling, and support groups
  • Life skills including budgeting, self-esteem, parenting, meal planning, and recreation

Out of Hours Support:

  • Two living room areas
  • Out side play area for children
  • Internal play area for children
  • Garden space, herb garden & children planting area
  • Reading room with small library
  • Security on site
  • Support worker on site

Projected Outcomes for the Mid West Simon Community:

Through the support agreement with the Limerick City & County Council the following outcomes would be attained:

Stable safe and secure place for families while they are waiting to be housed

  • Engagement of families with support where necessary and appropriate
  • Sustainment of family life e.g. cooking, shopping, laundry, gardening, play,
  • Supported transition into permanent accommodation within a defined time frame
  • Reduction in potential trauma experienced by families living in emergency accommodation with engagement in trauma informed family support
  • Ongoing sustainment of families engagement with their community and life prior to entering homelessness e.g. school, social etc.

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