Ways to donate


By Post or in person to: Speakers Corner, Lower Careys Rd, Limerick

By Phone (pay by card or request bank account details: 061 608980

Donate via the QR Code below: please scan with your mobile phone.

Help us make your generous donation go further!

Up to 45%! For example if you donate €250, Mid West Simon Community can claim an extra €112.25 from Revenue, making your donation worth €362.25.
If you are a taxpayer (self-employed, PAYE or joint-assessed) the donations you make to a registered charity can be eligible for a refund from Revenue – but only by the charity.  You cannot claim the tax yourself.
Not anymore. Since 2013 self-employed people can no longer claim tax relief. Only charitable organisations can claim it on their behalf.
Signing the CHY3 Good Form will not cost you a cent or impact your personal tax situation.
You don’t need to be in full time employment or be paying a large amount of tax. Often, people pay tax on other forms of income such as a pensions, social welfare payments and investments etc.  For example, if you donated €250 the tax rebate would be €112, so you would only need to have paid €112 in tax in the whole year.
If your donations are eligible for taxback, all we need is your PPS number, name and address and the date when your donations were made.
You don’t need to tell us how much you earn or what tax rate you pay.  All we need is your PPS number which we retain securely for the purpose of submitting an end of year claim to Revenue from all donations received over €250.  Revenue requires PPS numbers to calculate the value of the refund on donations which they deem to be eligible. We comply with data protection regulations at all times.
No. Signing the CHY3 Form simply means that if you choose to support us during the next 5 years we can claim the tax back without asking you to sign another form; saving postage and admin time.  However, if you would prefer not to sign the 5 year form you can complete an annual CHY4 form, valid for 1 year – just let us know and we can send you this.

We have fundriasing events throughout the year. See what’s coming up.