As schools and colleges return in the coming weeks, Mid West Simon Community would like to give a helping hand to homeless students who don’t have a place to call home.  Mid West Simon are raising money to setup a Life and Social Skills/ Wellbeing Programme to support Homeless Students who are living in hostels and homeless accommodations and who are going Back to School and College soon. We have just finished delivering 5,500 FEAD (Fund for European Aid for the most Deprived) School Stationery Packs to schools in Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary. These packs are funded by the European Union and the Department of Social Protection.

Unfortunately, homeless students have no home to return to after education in the evenings, instead they are coming back to emergency accommodations / hostels and they don’t have a family kitchen, whereby they can share their school experience with their family. Instead, they are eating in communal dining rooms and then going to their rooms with their family where they have to study, sleep, eat and play / be entertained. Mid West Simon’s Life and Social Skills Wellbeing Programme will promote both children’s and their family’s wellbeing as well as provide positive development by showing the family unit how to cook, manage a household budget and how to live independently.

Jackie Bonfield CEO, Mid West Simon Community said “it is vital that we support children from a young age to learn skills for life, how to cope with everyday difficulties, how to communicate with and get on with other people, and build self-awareness and emotional resilience.  Also giving older children and their family the understanding of what is needed to live independently and manage finances. For these reasons I feel that our Wellbeing Programme will really benefit all families that we support and we would be delighted with any donations to fund Mentors for this exciting programme.”

To support this cause, Mid West Simon Community have setup a Facebook Fundraiser where you can donate directly to; We would be delighted if children could assist us with raising funds.  There are various Fundraising Ideas for Children to do in the Community to raise money e.g., wash neighbours’ cars, wash neighbours’ windows / doors, hoover neighbours’ cars, bring out neighbour’s bins, bake & sell buns / juices, take a walk around the neighbourhood.

Everybody’s contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a lot or a little. Anything helps. Help Mid West Simon Community with their vision to end Homelessness. For further details on this Fundraiser, please contact Maura 0871972984 or