Old Irish Ways open day

//Old Irish Ways open day
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Old Irish Ways will host an open day in aid of Mid West Simon.

A fun day out for all age groups with all proceeds going to homeless services.

Set in the beautiful Lough Gur region in the heart of Limericks great ancient heritage, Old Irish Ways has an impressive collection of antique, historical and novel items dating back to pre-famine times.

Old Irish Ways is a private collection which has been carefully assembled and restored over many years.  It provides a fantastic insight into how past generations lived in Ireland.  Our younger visitors can gain a fantastic understanding of country life in Ireland, the importance of agriculture, crafts and trades and how the tools and equipment within these industries have developed over the centuries.  They will also gain a fascinating knowledge of the early day of communication.

For many it will be a trip down memory lane, as they remember the traditions and cultures which developed within the Irish homestead, and remind them of their school days, trips to the shop, local butchers and cobblers.

Our exhibits contain items dating from pre-famine times, to more nostalgic items from our recent past.  All our items are on open display and our guided tours are relaxed and easily paced allowing all our visitors the opportunity to gain the maximum benefit from their visit.

After our guided tour our visitors are invited to join us in our replica pub, take a seat and relax over a cup of tea or coffee and take the opportunity to chat with our guides or reminisce and soak in the atmosphere with their friends.

Home And Country Life

19th Century Homestead

Learn how average families of the 19th century lived, take a seat by one of the country’s largest collection of fire bellows and see the many items used in a typical 19th century house, from old irons to oil lamps, kitchen utensils.  The collection will provide you with an insight into how families lived and worked on a typical Irish country farmhouse.


Old Style Country Shop

The old style shop features a fantastic collection of items from across the twentieth century, gathered with care and displayed as they would have appeared in the traditional shop layout complete with all the modern conveniences of the time. All of the items are complete in their original packaging and still ready for sale.  Our Country Shop contains a collection of weighing scales, weights and much of the items that were seen during the weekly outing to the local shop.


Old Irish School

Travel back in time as you enter our old Irish classroom.  Take a seat in the old style desks, and take a trip down memory lane, as you view the posters, chalkboards and books used in times gone by.


Farm Industry and Craftsmanship

Traditional Carpenter

Wood is one of our oldest building materials and this section of our museum displays all kinds of tools from the traditional manual hand tools to the fantastic Treddle Lathe which dates back to 1880. ALL of these tools have been carefully restored and most are in full working order, and give a fantastic insight into one of our oldest of crafts.


Cobblers Shop

Let the scent of real leather draw you into our cobbler’s shop, and view the fantastic array of tool and equipment used in this wonderful craft.  A number of years ago we had the good fortune to be contacted by a local cobbler shop retiring after many generations in business.  They provided us with a wide range of equipment which enables our visitors to gain a great appreciation of this wonderful craft.


Farm Equipment And Tools

Since as early as the 12th Century we see evidence right across Ireland of the significant role which farming has played in the Irish economy. From the early centuries where farming was the only means many families had for survival, to the significance of the Irish Famine within our country’s history and on to the development of agriculture as one of the most significant industries, the developments and history within the agriculture sector have been huge.

Within our museum you can get a strong taste of the history behind one of the country’s most valuable assets, with both indoor and outdoor exhibits, you can view a wide range of equipment and tools which were used in both farms and within co-operatives as they developed over the years.

Once you have completed your tour through the exhibition areas, you are then invited to relax in our replica pub, which is laid out in both the traditional style of both a shop and public house.  Complete with a full collection of traditional whiskey and spirit bottles, brewer’s memorabilia, along with treats and sweats from the past, sit back and soak in the atmosphere over a cup of tea or coffee.


Group Welcome

Our museum is ideal for all ages.  For our younger visitors it provides an opportunity to see how their forefathers lived and worked while our older visitors always enjoy the opportunity to stroll down memory lane.

All our items are on open view which provides a fantastic opportunity for our visitors to see the items up close and gain a real understanding of our great history and heritage.

Groups are always welcome by appointment.  We have coach parking facilities and guided tours can be arranged and tailored to suit the interests of any group such as:

  • Classic and Vintage groups
  • Historical Societies
  • School Tours
  • Active Age Groups
  • Farming Groups etc…